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Darrel here…..thanks for stopping by my About Page!

I created this, ” How do you Treat Cold Sores “, and, ” Lip Sores ”  Blog to help others finally  Get Rid of their annoying Cold Sore/Fever Blisters. You see, after hearing many of my business and athletic friends were having problems with Fever Blisters and Cold Sores, I knew it was time to take action! I had been taught as a young ball player,  and then CEO,  you must know your Position inside and out, if you expected to be the Best.  With that in mind, you must understand that there are Proper Mechanics to be the Best in your chosen field. Sales, CEO, Teacher, Short Stop, and so on. Each field of endeavor has it’s own Best distinct, step by step methods and techniques to Reach the Top. Only a few people follow all of the steps to the top.

So, I decided to take on ” Cold Sore Treatment “ from the ground up, step by step, to find the treatments that are proven to have the Best results. I highly recommend a product that has fast relief “ HerbeSet. ”  I f you haven’t seen my Home Page < Click there.

Professionals use the Best

Cold Sore Stages, this is where you want to bring your cold sore or fever blister to a screeching Stop. Both of these Lip Sores have stages.  My Secret to you, is when you First Feel a little Burning to your lip area get out the inexpensive product called Desitin. . It was passed on to me by another professional Ball Player i knew. He as many young male and female athletes picked this virus up in a High School locker room. Many of use either touched some ones towel or engaged ( contacted ) it in the shower stalls. It may not have shown up days or months later when you were having some form of stress or very acidic form of food.  Desitin described as a diaper rash cream, has Zinc and other ingredients that Quickly dry up moist rashes. So the first thing you want to do is lightly rub Desitin over the tingly area with a couple of layers. It will stop the tingly in a few hours and Dry Up those little bubbles under the skin that are trying to break-out into the Full Blown blister. It’s actually trying from the inside out. Get Rid of Cold Sores Now !

The first night I rub it on, then Glob some on thicker when I go to bed. You can lightly wash the residue off in the morning with warm water. The more you lightly rub this over the Lip Sores area its white creamy appearance will vanish. No one wants to go to work or meet people with a white substance on their Lips. Now after a couple days, use the HerpeSet to finish the Cold Sore Stages over the next couple of days.

See the Desitin stopped the growing Cold Sore on Lip from its next stage by drying from inside out with a little crusty spot on your lip, and now the HerpeSet takes over. That Secret Bonus I was given to me years ago by Professionals for quick action. I’ve had to use this method on occasions when I was about to give a professional speech the next day, and didn’t want a Cold Sore on my Lip looking like some Light House Beacon!